Dual MPA/Juris Doctorate Program

This dual degree program allows students to share no more than 15 units of coursework toward both the MPA and JD degree requirements.  The total units required for an MPA is 42, whereas 88 units are required for the JD program.

MPA students participating in this dual degree will only need to complete 24 units of core coursework and 3 units of capstone.  Elective coursework will be completed under the Law program and applied toward the MPA degree requirements as indicated on the Master's Plan of Study; an internship will not be required for this dual program.  In total, the duration of the program should be completed within four years.

It is recommended that students begin in their first year under the MPA program, taking 4 core courses in the fall semester followed by the remaining 4 core courses and capstone in the spring semester.

Fall MPA Core (semester 1):

  • PA 501: Public Organizational Theory
  • PA 503: Politics, Policy & Public Management
  • PA 550: Statistics for Public & Nonprofit Administration
  • PA 597H: Public & Nonprofit Human Resources Management

Spring MPA Core (semester 2):

  • PA 500: Economics for Public Policy
  • PA 505: Methods for Program Evaluation
  • PA 508: Public & Nonprofit Financial Management
  • PA 527: Leadership & Ethics for Nonprofits & Public Management
  • PA 594: Capstone

After all MPA coursework is complete, start Law coursework exclusively for the next 3 years.  Contact Katherine Barnes (Professor of Law) for all Law course information.